Efficient incision management  
    The most modern surgical techniques now allow the removal of cataracts through incision sizes of less than 2.0mm. Due to the recent advances in polymer technology and in the development of intraocular lenses, it has now become possible to compress foldable acrylic lenses and inject them safely through micro incisions.

The fact is that conventional lens injection systems are not keeping pace with the high level of technology in today’s surgical environment. The result is that for IOL implantation the incision must generally be extended to more than 3 millimetres to enable the safe delivery of the lens into the eye without damage to the lens or any intraocular tissues. The new VISCOJECT™ injection system enables not only safety for the patient and the maintenance of lens integrity during insertion but also ensures improved efficiency of operating techniques.


    VISCOJECT™- Safety First!  
    With VISCOJECT™, Medicel are heralding a new era in cataract surgery. The latest technology coupled with Swiss precision helps the surgeon to work more accurately and therefore more safely and efficiently. When using the new VISCOJECT™ System the surgeon has complete control throughout the entire lens injection process. Complications during implantation are therefore a thing of the past, as are postoperative problems such as corneal distortion as a result of incision stretching and the resulting problems of wound healing.



VISCOJECT™ by Medicel; Swizterland. The essential tool for both patients and surgeons.

    VISCOJECT™ - The Precision Incision!  
  With this latest product development, Medicel enables Ophthalmic surgeons the possibility to advance still further modern cataract techniques. With VISCOJECT™, precise incisions of only 1.6 millimetres have become possible for the first time. This applies not only for the new generation of extremely thin special intra ocular lenses designed for the micro-incision technique, but also for the majority of foldable, one-piece acrylic lenses of all types. Even with optical diameters of up to 6.5 mm. This reduces the size of the wound opening by approximately one third. For the first time the advances in surgical techniques can finally be implemented for the benefit of all patients.


    Advanced Technology for Surgery!  
    The objective was to develop the first lens injection system that would ensure every intraocular lens would be safely delivered into the eye. Due to the sophisticated hydraulic effect of the VISCOJECT™ injection system lens insertion is more accurate, gentler and safer to ocular tissues than conventional injection systems. Scratches on the lens, haptic tears, uncontrolled escape of the lens from the cartridge, all these problems associated with lens injection systems are now a thing of the past. It may sound sensational – and it is.


    The Titanium Advantage  
    The VISCOJECT™ injection system is precision engineered from titanium using traditional Swiss manufacturing techniques. VISCOJECT™ injectors are available in two designs. The VISCOJECT™ cartridge sets comprise the VISCOGLIDE 2.2 or VISCOGLIDE 1.8 cartridge and the silicon cushion with retaining device.